Things to do While Lucid Dreaming

What are some things to do while lucid dreaming?  The wonderful thing about lucid dreams and lucid dreaming is that the possibilities are endless.  By this we actually mean two things: First, the potential ways you can manipulate a dream create endless possibilities for the course and outcome of any individual dream; and second, you can choose from a long list of overall reasons to induce dream control.  We are quite curious about people’s choices regarding the latter.

Things to do While Lucid Dreaming: General

We can simplify a bit and put the things to do while lucid dreaming into three major buckets.  Some people want lucid dreams that live out fantasies that are not possible in everyday waking life.  Others look at lucid dreaming as a way to overcome anxieties and fears through confrontation that is not possible while awake.  A third category of people use dream control to relive events either in their own lives or throughout history.  And finally there are those whose use of dream control revolves around getting a better self-understanding through watching how dreams evolve and the signs that present.

Of course it would be overly simple to assume that people choose only one things to do while lucid dreaming from the above categories.  You may start with one and move to another, or perhaps try different approaches depending on the type of dream that presents.  Thus we ask the question this way: If you could only use lucidity for one of the above purposes, which one would you choose.  Or perhaps if you could rank the reasons to use dream control in the order of their importance to you, what would that ranking be?

We actually have a guess that most people, at least at the beginning, are inspired by the incredible power of lucid dreams to achieve fantasies and adventures that would not be possible anywhere else.  Flying or jumping incredibly high, or meeting a fantasy friend may, at least at first be very compelling things to do while lucid dreaming.

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Things to do While Lucid Dreaming: An Example

One major potential of lucid dreaming is to work out anxieties – from public speaking, to flying, to asking someone on a date.  The lucid dream can be a place to vividly practice the desired skill, while not worrying at all about any actual real-life consequences. Many have found that the lucid dream state is perfect for this kind of confrontation of fears and/or rehearsal of what is feared.  It may not take the place of traditional therapy when these fears are severe, but might still be worth telling your therapist that you do have lucid dreams because s/he may want to give you assignments for your dreams!

One specific example of the things to do while lucid dreaming: Imagine you are afraid of public speaking.  Once you get expert at lucid dreaming, guide your dream world to a place as similar as possible to where you might find yourself having to give a public presentation.  Then give the presentation and guide your lucid dream toward an environment where the speech is a huge success, and where you feel completely calm and excited about the experience.

You can even get creative with the lucid dream rehearsal technique.  You can imagine yourself in the audience for your own talk!  Look around and see people interested and exited about the topic.  Notice yourself up front looking calm and relaxed.  Or, imagine being at a gathering afterwards where you are thinking back on the positive experience of giving the talk, and having people come up to you to tell you how great it was.

One of the things to do while lucid dreaming is rehearsal for events and activities that you are worried about can be a powerful and effective way to work out anxieties!

Things to do to Keep Lucid Dreaming

There are many proposed techniques to use when you find your lucid dream fading too early.  At that point you want to keep your lucid dreaming experience going but you feel yourself waking up and you can sense the background fading out.  Prolonging the lucid dream so you can find more things to do while lucid dreaming is something  that many people naturally get better at, and with practice more advanced lucid dreamers just manage to doit and may not be able to describe how in detail.  That said, we want to offer a few suggestions for prolonging your lucid dreams.

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The first suggestion is to move around a little in the dream – not fast and excitedly, but slowly and deliberately.  Sometimes moving can activate a new part of the dream and re-energize the dream state.  We don;t mean that you should do anything too quickly that would be so stimulating that you’d wake up, but rather just a minor movement that might take you to a new place and therefore keep the lucid dream state going.  In some cases this might even mean just turning in a new direction or even closing your eyes and opening them in the dream.  Maybe a quick jumping in place would work.  A secondary effect of this action is that it might take your mind of the thought that you are waking up.

The other action that seems to work to prolong lucid dreams is making sure you continue to do the activity at hand in the dream.  In other words, just keep going, whether you are walking, flying, floating, or talking.  Too often lucid dreams fade because we get caught up in the thought that they are fading.  In other words, we distract ourselves right out of the dream state.  Try to jump-start the experience by continuing along your way, doing what you were doing, and maybe the dream will start up again.  These are just a few examples of things to do while lucid dreaming so you can stay in the dream.

We hope to hear from our readers about how they did with any of the above, and about other things to do while lucid dreaming!

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